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ISO 29993:2017-08 Learning services outside formal education - Service requirements // special information


As a result of the need to establish internationally accepted requirements for learning services (such as retraining, a learning course, a further education course, etc.), in 2013 a corresponding standardization proposal was developed in ISO/TC 232, in which the DeuZert CEO Mr. Heene is an active member and expert.

With the release of this standard in August 2017, a new standard has been created that has never been seen before. To classify as a pure service standard (or product standard), it is internationally received with great interest. Especially in the Middle and Far East (UAE, Japan) they had waited eagerly.

The service standard ISO 29993:2017 does NOT replace the management system standard DIN ISO 29990: 2010!

Rather, the learning service-oriented requirements for learning service providers contained in section 3 of ISO 29990:2010 are specifically addressed in ISO 29993:2017.

Market Significance

It is expected that this standard will be applied if the focus is on the high quality of a specific learning service - and not on the organization of the learning service provider. In the learner's perspective, the learning service he uses is more likely than the organization that provides it.

However, this can also result in high costs for the certification, because a specific characteristic of the learning service is always certified at a certain moment. Any change to the (certified) learning service will result in a change of the certification itself (with the corresponding cost and effort).


... is already able to carry out a value-adding and accepted certification for your special learning service with the highest level of personal competence from the responsible ISO standardization committee TC 232.
We also certify "ISO 29993 Education Manager (International)". The first course will take place in December 2017 in Dubai.


The structure of ISO 29993:2017.


The service requirements for a learning service provider contained in ISO 29990:2010 are adressed in ISO 29993:2017.


The aim of the standard is to provide a generic framework for quality learning services outside formal education by specifying its various elements and delivery.



Specifying requirements for learning services outside formal education, including all types of lifelong learning.


Normative references



Terms and definitions

Introduction of 15 special terms, e.g. curriculum, facilitator and others.


General information provided by learning service profider

Specific requirements


Proposal development

Specific requirements


Information provided prior to acquisition of the learning service

Specific requirements


Needs analysis

Specific requirements


Design of the learning service

Specific requirements


Information about the learning service for enrolled learners or their sponsors

Specific requirements


Service delivery

Specific requirements



Specific requirements. A facilitator is defined as person who works with learners to assist them with learning, e.g. teacher, trainer, coach, tutor or mentor.


Assessment of learning

Specific requirements


Monitoring and evaluation of the learning service

Specific requirements



Specific requirements



Sept 2013

Standardization proposal "Learning Services outside formal education - Requirements" has been adopted in ISO/TC 232.

Feb 2014

Committee Draft (1st draft) of ISO/CD 19366 was adopted.

Dec 2014

Further discussion of this draft at the 9th meeting of ISO/TC 232 in Tokyo.

Feb 2015

First Draft International Standard ISO/DIS 19366 was available.

May 2015

Renumbering of ISO/DIS 19366 in ISO/DIS 29993.

Sept 2016

Second Draft International Standard ISO/DIS 29993 was discussed at the 11th meeting of ISO/TC 232 in Moscow.

April 2017

Final Draft International Standard ISO/FDIS 29993 was available.

Aug 2017

ISO 29993:2017-08 was published in English and French.

Current status: 13/12/2017