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ISO 21001:2018 Educational organizations - Management systems for educational organizations - Requirements with guidance for use

More than 10 years ago, according to the background of the success of ISO 9001, ISO decided to launch a special management system standard for educational organizations.
Now, ISO 21001:2018 has been published - not all are happy with it. It should replace the established, highly esteemed ISO 29990:2010.
It is already clear that ISO 21001:2018 will NOT be published as a German DIN standard because it is consistently viewed critically by the German education management experts.

Nevertheless, educational organizations of all sizes can provide evidence through certification by a competent certification body such as DeuZert®,

  • to meet the requirements of the internationally top-modern educational management standard ISO 21001:2018,
  • to be able to consistently deliver educational services that meet customer requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements,
  • to focus on increasing customer satisfaction and
  • to master risks and opportunities and thus to achieve continuous improvement.

DeuZert® is an competent certification body for ISO 21001:2018 and can make recourse to the highest personnel competence from the responsible ISO Project Committee ISO/PC 288. It is therefore able to realize a value-adding, sustainable and accepted certification procedure.

The DeuZert® certificate according ISO 21001:2018 is an effective and confidence-building instrument

  • to make one's own educational organization more competitive in the context of educational mission, vision and goals.
  • to demonstrate the steadily increasing effectiveness and efficiency by means of consistent processes and suitable evaluation tools.
  • to prove the application of international best practice solutions in educational management as well as
  • to stimulate excellence and innovation.

The procedure of the DeuZert® certification provides:

  1. Offer based on a standardized questionnaire
  2. Mandating the certification
  3. Optional pre-audit
  4. Planning the certification audit
  5. Stage 1 audit as a priority documentation check for certification ability
  6. Stage 2 audit with final audit report
  7. Decision on certification in the DeuZert® Certification Committee
  8. Certificate issue for three years
  9. two calendar-year surveillance audits from the following year
  10. Re-certification audit with an extension of the certificate for another three years [on request]

To request an offer and for further information, please contact our customer service.

Additional information

The structure of ISO 21001:2018 reflects the high-level structure of all ISO management system standards. Therefore, it can be well-combined with other management system standards. The striking similarity to ISO 9001:2015 is obvious.
In detail, the structure is as follows:




Normative references


Terms and definitions


Context of the organization










Performance evaluation



Annex A (normative)

Additional requirements for early childhood education

Annex B (informative)

Principles for an Management systems for educational organizations

Annex C (informative)

Classification of interested parties in educational organizations

Annex D (informative)

Guidelines for communication with interested parties

Annex E (informative)

Processes, measures and tools in educational organizations

Annex F (informative)

Example of mapping to regional standards

Annex G (informative)

Health and safety considerations for educational organizations





Establishment of ISO/ PC 288 management systems for educational organizations with South Korean Secretariat


1. meeting of ISO/ PC 288 in Lisbon / Portugal with participants from 16 countries; Definition of the scope and the project plan


Start of work on the Working Draft ISO WD 21001


ISO CD 21001 (Committee Draft) is first time for discussion


Another meeting of the ISO/ PC 288 in Lyon/ France


Vote and acceptance of the ISO CD 21001 (Committee Draft) in release 1.2 with votes against


Another meeting of the ISO/ PC 288 in Beirut/ Lebanon


Vote and acceptance of the ISO/DIS 21001 (Draft International Standard) with votes against


Vote and acceptance of the ISO/FDIS 21001 (Final Draft International Standard) with votes against


Vote and acceptance of the ISO 21001:2018 with votes against


Decision to dissolve the ISO/ PC 288 when the Spanish language version has been completed

Current status: 01/08/2018